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Цэнхэрийн гол минь, би таны хүү

А. Амарсайхан, 2022

Mar 17, 2023

This article contains excerpts from A. Amarsaikhan’s biography of B. Sharav. The excerpts discuss pivotal moments like the reception of Sharav’s overture “Sersen Tal,” (Awakened Steppe/сэрсэн тал), the summer of 1992 when Sharav was awarded the Turiin Shagnal (National Prize/төрийн шагнал), the composition of Sharav’s Kherlengiin Domog (Legend of Kherlen River/хэрлэнгийн домог) for the US-based Silk Road Project, and details some of Sharav’s personality traits and working habits when he was composing.

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