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Монгол Тулгатны 100 эрхэм: Б.Шарав

This is an interview with Lkhagvasuren and Anujin as part of the Mongol Tulgatan Channel’s One Hundred Icons series, where they interview living icons in Mongolian society. In the interview, Sharav discusses the paradox of the 20th Century push to “elevate Mongolian music to the level of European music,” contending that there are traditional elements to Mongolian music, such as long-song, and fiddle playing, that cannot truly be compared to western classical music. Sharav speaks about several of his pieces, including Herlengiin Domog and his overture Sersen Tal. In the interview he claims Sersen Tal was inspired by the Naadam festival, Mongolia’s annual festival of three traditional sports: horse racing, wrestling, and archery.

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Уулс хүүрнэдэг юм

Produced as part of a series on Mongolian artists and innovators, this documentary follows B. Sharav back to his homeland, the valley of Herlen River and Ulziit Hill. Sharav speaks about his childhood in a nomadic family, even finding the various buuri, or designated clearings where his family’s ger, or felt tent, would be set up according to each season. Sharav connects with his friends and family still in the area, and reminisces on the effect that this land and his childhood experiences had on his music.

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