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Endless Steppe Project

The Music of  Byambasurengin Sharav

Upcoming Events


Oct 16

Animals, Animism, and the Animate in Mongolian Music, a lecture with
Prof. Joe Lerangis

Prof. Lerangis will explore the relationship between Mongolian music and nature, speaking on practical uses of music and sound in nomadic life, direct connections between animals and types of instruments and sound, the "animation" of inanimate objects such as geographies and landscapes, and interactions and invocations of spirits associated with both the animate and inanimate in Mongolia's shamanic tradition.


Oct 20

Sounding Contemporary Mongolia: The Life and Work of Byambasurengiin Sharav

Dr. Enkhbold will be joined by long-song (urtyn duu) vocalist Ganchimeg Badamsuren and Horse-Head Fiddle (Morin Khuur) player Urtnasan Gantulga, as well as Assistant Professor of Music Joe Lerangis to highlight the shifting folk influences in Sharav's music.


Oct 22

The Endless Steppe: A Concert Celebration of Byambasurengiin Sharav

What does the Mongolian steppe sound like? A country of just over 3 million people with a vast expanse of land, Mongolia has produced a kaleidoscope of music over the past century. This concert is part of the Endless Steppe Project, an initiative founded by Lerangis and Dr. Shuree Enkhbold to foster musical exchange between Mongolia and the United States.

Friday at 7:30 PM (ET)

Sunday at 3 PM (ET)

a series of events celebrating the musical legacy of the endless steppe, sponsored by the Department of Music and the Society for the Humanities

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