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Teacher Training in Public Schools

This is a new initiative to bring quality music education to Mongolian public schools. Our goal is to train teachers in the most up-to-date methods of teaching music to large groups of students. We will bring musical instruments to Mongolia, allowing students from low-income backgrounds to study a musical instrument of their choice in the classroom without having to pay for private lessons. Each summer, we will run intensive training for 15-20 public school teachers. The instruments will be left at one selected school as the seed for that school’s music program. After five years, we aim to have five schools equipped with classroom sets of instruments, close to 100 teachers trained, and hundreds more students beginning their musical journey. We hope to bring a future where every child in Mongolia can play a musical instrument.


Imagine every student, regardless of their background, having the opportunity to dive into top-tier music education. We're talking about giving them the chance to pick up an instrument and make it their own. This isn't just about music – it's a  whole playbook for building up children’s minds and supercharging their confidence and EQ. We're bringing more than just instruments to the table. We're tapping into our in-house music expertise to craft teacher training programs that empower educators to guide students on their musical journey. The curricular materials are designed to spark creativity and ignite social learning experiences. But we're not stopping there. Our platform will also serve as a hub for teachers to connect and elevate their craft. We're handing out opportunities, empowerment, and a future where these students not only play music but thrive in every facet of their lives. Join us, and together, we'll compose a symphony of success in music education.

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In our project, we will run a music teacher training program on various musical instruments, on wind instruments, string instruments, and keyboard, teaching methods for group classes, basic technique on each instrument, and how to effectively use technology incorporated in the curriculum. With our keyboard lab, we will have up to 40 students connecting simultaneously to create a musical ensemble. At the end of the program, one teacher will be chosen to receive a set of musical instruments for their school, thus beginning a new chapter in their school’s music program.

What we can provide to music teachers:

  • Intensive Training from the Experts Select Set of Instruments

    • String or Wind Instruments

    • Piano Keyboard Lab + Control Unit for Ensemble Music Method Books

  • Teacher Online Support

  • International Teacher Network

How does student’s experience change as a result:

  • Social Learning Experience Access to Resources

    • Books/Supporting Materials

    • Instruments

  • High Quality Music Education

  • Fun Class Activities

  • Ensemble Performances!

Image by Sane Sodbayar

Every child in Mongolia can play a musical instrument.

Endless Steppe Project

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