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By exploring the works and writings about Sharav, you will gain a deeper understanding of his artistry and the cultural influences that shaped his music. Join us in celebrating Sharav's extraordinary legacy and discover the hidden treasures of Mongolian composition. We hope this website serves as a comprehensive resource and a gateway to the captivating world of Sharav's music. Immerse yourself in his mesmerizing compositions and experience the artistic brilliance of Mongolia's beloved composer. 

TV Interviews

These interviews provide valuable insights into his musical journey, his artistic contributions, and the cultural context in which he created his compositions.


Our curated selection of articles delves into the diverse range of Sharav's compositions, shedding light on their thematic depth, musical intricacies, and cultural significance. Each article offers a unique perspective, providing readers with a deeper understanding and appreciation of Sharav's works.

Our contributions

These scholarly works offer a wealth of knowledge for students, researchers, and enthusiasts interested in exploring the profound depth of Sharav's musical creations. Each dissertation presents a unique perspective and contributes to the expanding body of knowledge surrounding Sharav Bymbasuren's works.

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