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Our Vision

We envision a world where Mongolian Music becomes a tool for cross-cultural exchange and a medium for learning, scholarship, and practice.

Our Mission

We will strengthen relationships between Mongolian and American musical organizations through a series of concerts and educational programs. We aim to broaden the reach of Mongolian music on the international stage, introducing Mongolian modes of creation to audiences in the United States. Through initiatives in Mongolia, we also hope to introduce new career paths, prepare educated audiences, and realize the power of music in personal development among younger generations.

Our Team


Joe Lerangis

Joe Lerangis has appeared as a conductor and tenor both internationally and across the United States. Joe has worked as Director of Choral Activities at Colgate University where they reestablished the choral program after its Covid dormancy, Director of Music at Spiritus Christi church in Rochester, NY, and Assistant Conductor of both the Yale Glee Club and the Yale Camerata. Joe has studied choral conducting with William Weinert, Marguerite Brooks, Jeffrey Douma, and André J. Thomas, and orchestral conducting with Donald Schleicher, Mark Gibson, Brad Lubman, Larry Rachleff, and Carl St. Clair. Previously, Joe spent several years in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, where they completed a Fulbright fellowship and founded and developed the first music department in a general education secondary school in Mongolia to offer youth choir, orchestra, and band programs. In 2017, they reached the final round of Mongolia’s nationally televised pop idol competition, winning the Judge’s Choice Award and an award from the Mongolian Ministry of Culture. While at Yale, Joe received both the Robert Shaw Prize in Conducting and the Friedmann Thesis Prize for outstanding work for their doctoral dissertation, “Hybridized Urtyn Duu and the Making of a Mongolian Choral Idiom in the Works of Byambasurengiin Sharav.” They hold previous degrees from the Eastman School of Music, Johns Hopkins University’s Paul H. Nitze School for Advanced International Studies, Nanjing University, Kenyon College, and most proudly, the Bronx High School of Science.


Shuree Enkhbold

Shuree Enkhbold is an accomplished and versatile pianist whose passion for music has guided her on an extraordinary journey. Hailing from Mongolia, Shuree's musical journey took her to the United States, where she earned her Master's degree from DePaul University in Chicago and a Professional Performance Certificate from Lynn Conservatory of Music. In addition to her academic achievements, Shuree Enkhbold's artistic journey is marked by captivating performances and innovative projects that showcase her ability to merge diverse artistic disciplines. These projects inlcude range from start-up teams to documentary film production to outreach initiatives. This demonstrates her entrepreneurial spirit and her desire to explore new avenues of artistic expression beyond traditional performances. Driven by unyielding curiosity and a commitment to her heritage exploration, Shuree has embarked on scholarly projects focused on Mongolian classical piano music. Through her research and community engagement, she plays a pivotal role in sharing this rich cultural heritage with broader audiences, reshaping the boundaries of oral transmission and revitalizing traditional folk songs. With performances on renowned stages worldwide, ranging from the illustrious Weill Recital Hall at Carnegie Hall to the picturesque landscapes of Mexico, Shuree's music transcends geographical borders, fostering connections and facilitating cross-cultural exchange. Her mesmerizing talent and unwavering dedication leave an indelible impression, solidifying her position as a compelling force within the realm of classical music.

Image by Dembee Tsogoo

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